A simple but effective quiz creator

Want to help students make their revision more varied and stimulating? Quizlet is a web tool which allows you – or your students – to create a data bank of key terms and descriptions. They can then test themselves on these in several different ways, as shown here:

1. Basic questions.
Students will be given the definition and asked to provide the term, or vice versa.
quizlet learn

2. Flashcards.
Students see the definition and have to remember the term, or vice versa.
quizlet flashcard

3. Test.
Pupils are asked varied questions about definitions and terms – some are multiple choice, some ask for text, etc.
Quizlet Test

4. Spellings
The term is read out by the website (possibly not entirely reliably), and the student has to spell it.

5. Scatter
Several definitions and terms are scattered across the screen. The pupils have to pick up and drag the definition over to the correct meaning, or vice versa. The presence of a timer adds an extra challenge.

6. Race
The definition slides across the screen and the student has to type in the term before the definition disappears.

This is very easy to use, and the students will certainly enjoy it. Be aware that an account has to be set up with Quizlet in order to use it and that while this is free, there are also upgrades available at a cost.

If you like the sound of all this, click here to try it out.


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