ON THE LEVEL # 4 – The NAHT principles

In ON THE LEVEL # 1, I suggested that we establish a few key principles which would underpin our new approach to assessment. In ON THE LEVEL # 3, I pointed out that we should have an agreed set of principles written into our assessment policy by this September.  I also promised to summarise what NAHT had to say on this, so here are three key points from their report:

1. Assessment must inform planning for future learning by providing appropriate, meaningful and clear information to pupils, parents, teachers, school leaders, governors and government. Assessment should involve no more administration than is required to fulfil this aim.

2. Assessment should set high expectations yet still be inclusive of all abilities. Feedback should draw on a wide range of evidence to provide a complete picture of student achievement. Feedback should also inspire greater effort and a belief that, through hard work and practice, more can be achieved.

3. Assessment must be open and fair, and should place achievement in the context of nationally standardised criteria. From time to time, judgements should be moderated by experienced professionals in order to check their accuracy and to ensure that the school’s results are capable of comparison with other schools, both locally and nationally.

Bearing all this in mind, it is now time to start devising our new approach to assessment.  This Tuesday I will be meeting with representatives from other local schools to begin work on this.  More to follow in due course!


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