One of our Learning Workshops looked at how we can extend our more able pupils. Here are some of the ideas we shared:

Blooms Taxonomy Cards
Keep to hand a pack of “task prompt” cards based on the higher order skills in Bloom’s taxonomy (see the page on Progression for more on this). Ask the pupil to take one or more cards and use them to help set themselves an appropriate extension task! They could also use these as a prompt to create “exam questions”, and maybe give their answers too, and maybe even provide a mark scheme.

Class Observer
Ask the student to sit and observe what is happening in the class with a view to identifying where the most effective learning is taking place, and then feed back to the rest of the class.

Class Teacher
Ask the student to create a short “test” activity which the rest of the class could do at the end of this lesson or the start of the next to find out how well they have met the current learning objectives and whether they are ready to move on.

Ask the pupils how they could change an aspect of their learning for the better. e.g. How else could you have established whether everyone could remember previous learning? How might you change the layout of the page you were working from? How might you change the nature of the tasks you carried out, but still meet the same objectives?

Ask students to review their work, and focus on the details:
Are there any points where they need to be more detailed?
Are there any points where they have been too detailed?
At which point was the level of the detail most effective?
What are they basing their decisions on?

Explore and Reduce
Ask the students to make a list of the five key learning points they will take away from the lesson. Tell them to explore the links between these learning points and use these links to help them reduce the original number of points without losing any of the original ideas.

The Big Bluff
Ask the pupil to make up a clever-sounding word and create a convincing explanation of what it means, possibly related to the focus of the lesson. They should then analyse what tactics they used to make the explanation sound convincing. How could this help them to improve their future level of achievement?

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