About this site

Watch a presentation about this site here, or read the description below this image.


This site has been created to share and preserve good teaching practice. The materials it contains come from a variety of sources such as professional organisations, online communities and local networks such as Teachmeets. However, the majority come from the teachers at Loreto: some ideas were created or shared during T&L INSET sessions; some were offered up during a Learning@Loreto lunchtime workshop; others were generated within departments; a few owe their existence to the hard work of individual trailblazers! Our thanks to everyone who has contributed in some way.

This site features two different sources of information. Different “pages” are listed at the top of the screen: these are a permanent feature (though they will be edited from time to time). The titles of various “posts” appear in the column on the right: these are much shorter and after a while they are each removed from view. You can still access them by exploring the archives.

You can use the “search” facility to look for information on specific topics, and you can scan the “categories” and “tags” on the right to see if anything catches your eye. Both of these approaches will help you to find the pages or posts most directly relevant to you.

We welcome your comments on all of the materials within these pages and posts, especially if they help to refine and improve what is here, and you will see that there is a section for you to submit these at the end of each area within the site.

If you have something to share yourself, please email it to Mr Hayes and he will post it here for all to see.

If you would like to be informed whenever any new ideas are posted, please click the “follow” option, and enter your email address: you will then be told whenever anything new is added.

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