Plenaries are activities which close off a section of learning by reviewing, summarising or confirming what has been covered. This is often seen as an activity for the end of a lesson, but there is no reason why one lesson shouldn’t have a series of plenaries.

Below you will find a range of activities you could try out as plenaries.  If you are having problems with plenaries, you may find the solution here.

Quick & Simple Plenaries

Five fingers
Hold up 0-5 fingers to show how confident you are that you’ve met today’s objectives.

Traffic lights
How ready are you to move on? red – stop, amber – nearly ready, green – go!

One thing
One thing you must remember? Must get right next time? Will do differently? Will look into?

Link this word from today’s learning to (other topic/subject).

30 seconds
You have 30 seconds to summarise the lesson without pausing, umming or repeating yourself.

Top Tips
If you knew someone about to study this topic, what would your top tips to them be?

Minute’s the Limit
I have 10 questions – we must answer all of them in a minute. If we don’t manage it first time, we will repeat the process until we do!

Must, should, could
Tell me one thing you really must remember, one thing you ought to, and one thing it would be nice to.

Key Question
Find the right key question about today’s learning to unlock the door and leave the room!

Objective graph
Draw a simple graph indicating how well you’ve met today’s objectives.

More probing plenaries

Story time
Talk us through what we’ve done in today’s lesson, why we did it, and what we’ve achieved.

Pupil as Teacher
Your turn to teach what you’ve been taught in this lesson.

Beginner’s guide
Produce a simple beginner’s guide to the topic we’ve been studying today.

5 sentences about today’s lesson – 5 key words – the key word.

I’ve got the answer – you give me the question!

Produce an explanatory acrostic for this key term from today’s learning.

Skills review
In order to meet our objectives, what skills did you need to use (PLTS, VAK, multiple intelligences, etc.)?

Know, understand, apply
Repeat a fact from today’s lesson, show that you understand it, and explain its relevance.

Stepping stones
I’ve broken today’s learning down into a series of key steps and placed them in the aisle that leads to the door. Are you able to make it across the stepping stones and out to safety?

Set your own homework
What do you think we should do to reinforce what we’ve learned? I’ll set the best idea as homework.

Fun plenaries

I’ll read out key ideas from today’s learning. You cross out the key words related to them. First to get a full line is the winner!

Here’s a key word. Spell it before you get hanged.

Where do you stand?
Pack away, chairs under. I’m going to make a statement about today’s learning. If you totally agree, move to the far left of the room. If you totally disagree move to the far right. If you need to, stand somewhere in between.

Use a popular gameshow format (e.g. Who wants to be a millionaire?) to assess the depth of learning.

No yes no
Answer my questions without saying “yes” or “no” at any point.

Pass the parcel
Pass the bag around while the music plays. If the music stops while you have the bag, take out and answer a question.

Transition plenaries

Plenary to Starter
Create a resource to test today’s learning – next lesson we’ll start by trying out one another’s tasks.

Here are five skills we’ve studied before and could come back to during the next topic – which one would you like it to be? Write it on a post-it and stick it on the wall by the door as you leave.

Draw it / label it
Draw a key image from today’s lesson. At the start of next lesson you will label your own drawing.

Crystal Ball
Look into the future. Think about the direction of our recent learning. What do you think we will do next? Next lesson we’ll see if you were right …

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