A tool for creating lively video presentations


Why is it that pupils are better at listening to videos than listening to teachers? However annoying this may be, why not turn it to your advantage by creating (and preserving for repeated use) a video which says exactly what the students need to hear. PowToon lets you do exactly that. You’ve probably been shown a PowToon clip at some point yourself (a distinctive feature of this is a hand writing up key words, but you don’t have to include that!). So why not find out how to create your own? This is another web organisation which offers you a free start, and then hopes you will be happy to pay for a bigger and better service, but the free component is pretty impressive. Click here to start creating your own films, or click here for an example of a short film created using Powtoons.

A useful tool when giving presentations

If you or your students are giving a presentation, and especially if it is being filmed, you can set up your very own autocue. All you need to do is type or paste your text into the browser, experiment with the speed at which you want it to move up the screen, and away you go. Try it here. No sign-up required.