Using images

It is getting easier and easier for teachers to access high-quality images online for use in presentations, displays, hand-outs, tasks sheets, web pages, etc.  However, many of these are subject to copyright, and it is important not to abuse this.  Here are a few tips on how to get this right.

If you are searching for an image on Google, you can use the “Search Tools” to be discerning about usage rights – select the option “labelled for re-use”, as shown here [click to enlarge]:


This website offers copyright-free images.

Here you can find a list of websites which provide access to copyright-free images.

A further image database and information regarding their public use can be found here.

For blogs and websites, you might like to use “Compfight” to find copyright-free images.  Type in your search term(s) and then select an image from below the faint line across the screen.  You can use this image for free in your work, provided you credit the source.