Creative ideas for teaching English

Here are some creative ideas shared on twitter in recent weeks:

1. A tube map of connectives created by @JamieClark85 and inspired by @LauraLolder.  For more details, and instructions on how to create your own tube maps, click here.

tube map

2. “Said is dead” – so peg something different, created by @Ellabumblebee:


3. Make your writing more colourful by @murphiegirl:

colourful writing

If you liked those, you might also like this pervious post about a “mood wheel”.

Mentor Mats

Mark Miller recommends “Mentor Mats” as a way of helping students to appreciate and emulate certain styles of writing.  He has English in mind, but the idea could work with any subject where extended writing is required. Click here for more details.

Mentor Mat 1

Creative Writing – mood wheel

We are always encouraging our students to use a broader and more meaningful vocabulary in their work. This mood wheel will help them to do just that during any creative writing sessions. Could the same idea be successfully applied to other subjects? Click on the picture to enlarge it.

mood wheel